Meet sabrina

Milana was born from my love for candles and quality goods and a little extra time to cultivate my maker-skills. Quality candles are everywhere; it's true. Having worked for a boutique candle company with in-house production, I learned a few tricks of the trade and found myself making candles at home. Now that I'm entering a new phase in life as a doctoral student, I'm turning to candle-making as a way to add some light to my life. To me, the most exciting thing about being a chandler (candle maker) is when you hit the sweet spot and find the perfect blend of notes. I'm not just talking cold throw, I'm talking good-to-the-last-drop, scrape-out-the-wax-and-put-it-on-the-melter sweet spot. Hopefully, if you don't know what I'm talking about, I can help bring that simple joy to your life.

Why "Milana?"

The name "Milana," meaning "to make things meet" in Urdu, is a nod to my mixed-race heritage. My mother is German-Irish-Scottish and my father is Pakistani. When I was beginning this journey, I wanted a constant reminder to pour myself into these candles. In myself, two cultures were made to meet. In my candles, wax and oil are made to meet. Milana.




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